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What is SuperConference and
why must you attend?

An intensive 15-hour concentrated training, what corporations call an Immersion Workshop. Every successful Fortune 500 company uses Immersion Workshops (feel free to look it up).

Why an Immersion Workshop?  Simply, being immersed without the distractions of running your practice, dealing with daily challenges, and seeing patients has a greater impact neurologically for long-term memory.

How effective is SuperConference? Statistics show that attending our Immersion Workshops have a profound effect on year-over-year growth, new patient attraction, collections, retention and referrals. Though each doctor's results may vary, the best outcomes happen when you participate and also bring your staff. 


Why This SuperConference?

Changing Landscape

There is no other event that will prepare you

for tomorrow, next week, next month,

next year and into the future.



  • New patient generation
  • Patient retention
  • Patient referrals
  • Revenue generating services
  • Dominating the competition
  • Financial security
  • Your best exit strategy

So what does the future look like?

Based on the current path of the profession if you don't do something dramatic to change course, you as a practitioner will be facing an overwhelming amount of competition, a tremendous lack of credibility and be reduced down to nothing more than a joke on TikTok.

Is this what you want your future to look like?

Franchise 2
Crack Videos 2

Stop Being Manipulated

Are you listening to the wrong people? Do you really believe that AI and ChatGPT are where your practice success lies? Are you ready to learn the real truth about ChatGPT, what your patients think about it and how it will affect their decisions about your care plans?

Chat GPT2

Don't miss out.
Your FUTURE is sooner than you think!


Stop! One-Size Does NOT Fit All!

Do you know how to connect with Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials while maintaining a gimmick-free, patient-first practice? Whether in your care plans or your marketing, you need to understand that what appeals to one group of patients does not appeal to all types of patients.

Care and Expectations

Unlock Sustainable Success with Advanced Patient Retention Strategies

Develop Loyalty:

Learn How to

Make Your Patients Want to Come Back

Patient Centered
Collaborative Care

Emerging Opportunities for Chiropractors in the Health Care System

Chiropractic Care in Managing Chronic Diseases: Evidence and Possibilities

Role of Research
Preventative Health

The Role of Chiropractic Care in Preventative Health

Secure Financial Success: Additional Revenue, Passive Income, and Effective Exit Strategy


Will You Be Prepared?

Those that are the most prepared will dominate the competition, have the most successful practices

and take advantage of the trillions of dollars

that will be spent on health care.


SuperConference Speakers - Experts for Your Future

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The Masters Circle Global's Immersion Workshops have a proven track record of success. We have helped chiropractors around the world increase patient referrals, improve patient retention, and grow their practices. Through our programs, chiropractors have been able to achieve financial independence and create the lifestyles they desire.

The Masters Circle Global

Where Legends Are Made

and Legendary Practices Are Built

Ever wonder why these great companies also

come to SuperConference year after year?

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They know the most successful doctors come to SuperConference each year,
and helping you help more patients makes them and you more successful!

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Our Guarantee

We guarantee you will leave SuperConference 2023 prepared for your future with the tools you need to
get more new patients, get them to stay and refer,
and get paid what you are worth for your services,
or we will refund the cost of the tuition.