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Your patient education should give you all the new patients you want and get them to stay and refer.

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The best solutions are the simplest, and we've made it Super Simple!

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Here are actual samples of the Family Health Minute videos your patients will receive each week.

And these are just the beginning!

So why do they work so well?

1. Watch this video

Find out why patients have such a difficult time understanding what chiropractic is all about. 

2. Watch this video

Find out the simple solution... and the best part is we do it all for you. 

You're sharing on every social media channel anyone might possibly be using. You've even shelled out for a website that's beautiful and has everything you know about chiropractic. You've tried Dinner Workshops and Weekend screenings.

Designed and Patient Tested to create Lifelong Patients that stay and refer.

Fortunately, there's now the Family Health Minute - the simple way to build your brand based on the chiropractic principle, chiropractic research and what patients are actually looking for. 

Family Health Minute is designed to help you stand out even in the most crowded Health and Wellness arena. Read on and check out the video clips below for a look at how simple it is to build Lifelong Chiropractic Patients.


Only $47.00 per month

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Sign me up! I'm ready for Lifetime Care Patients.

Each week, we create a valuable lesson and turn that into a powerful, entertaining and engaging video that will give your patients and potential new patients the incentive they need to choose lifetime care.

Only $47.00 per month  

Cancel anytime, no contract!

Special Bonus

We'll build these custom images for you to help brand you in Social Media

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As a special bonus, we're going to show you exactly how to take your Family Health Minute, brand it for you and your practice and get it out to all your patients and potential new patients.

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