The Real Facts Behind Chiropractic Practice Success

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  • Know exactly how many new patients you need each month.
  • Know what you should be charging each visit.
  • Know the minimum # of visits for each patient care plan.
  • Know the exact % of growth you will achieve every year.

Over 15 years in the making, this Growth Practice Calculator is based upon
the proven formulas of thousands of chiropractic practices and the best part is,
it puts you back in control, locked down or not.

 “We’re back at 100% of pre-COVID levels, and we really appreciated the coaching from The Masters Circle Global, which kept us centered and grounded through the tough times.” Amber Mc Lelland

"Thanks to the Masters Circle Global principles and coaching with Dr. Hoffman, my practice is back to 90-95% pre-COVID levels and has been for a few months now!" Brian Wussow

"As a result of the coaching that I have received with the Masters Circle I can firmly state that my practice has never been healthier even in the face of a 4 week mandatory shutdown and the continual COVID-19 related mandates." Jeff Parker

"I am happy to say that Smiley Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center is serving more people and collecting more money than we have in years during a global pandemic!! Jessica Smiley-Hedrick

"I joined TMC Global two months after COVID hit.  We are not only at pre-COVID numbers but up by 25%.” Pat Nicholson

"Through the work I've done with Dennis and the Masters Circle, my weekly patient visits have doubled even through COVID." Federico Angel

"We are now back to 100% pre-COVID business flow and growing above that threshold as we speak!" Bryan Natusch

"We are at 100% of our pre-COVID numbers for New Patients. Our patient visits are also at the 100% of pre-COVID levels. And our collections are above the numbers prior to the pandemic." Bradley Clow

"I am now the busiest I have ever been! We have been on a steady growth pattern and are surpassing all previous records. And guess what - I no longer want to retire!"
Lori Portnoy 


If you can answer four simple questions you can go from wishing and hoping to planning, implementing and achieving.

Practice Calculator

Here's exactly how it works!


Fill in:

  • The # of days you work per week.
  • The # of New Patients you get each month.
  • The # of visits you see each week.
  • The income collected each month.
  • Add your contact information and Submit.


The calculator will calculate some critical practice statistics for you automatically.

You just select:

  • The % of growth you would like to achieve in the coming year.
  • What you believe is your greatest strength.
Calculator Page 2


The calculator will now tell you the following:

  • Your new annual income based on the % of growth you selected.
  • How many additional office visits per day will help you achieve that level of growth.
  • How many additional office visits per month will help you achieve that level of growth.
  • Three alternative things you can do to achieve the exact same level of growth.
  • Approximately how long it will take to achieve your goal.
  • The opportunity to find out what proven strategy based on your individuality will work best for you.
Calculator Page #3

These proven strategies have worked for hundreds of other doctors and will work for you.

 "It was so exciting to compare my statistics today and to see how amazing I am doing in spite of the COVID crisis.  Thanks to The Masters Circle I am thriving instead of surviving!" Amber Runnerstrum

"It's been a challenging time with COVID hitting when our new practice had only been open for 7 months - we've continued to grow and are now seeing 53% more people per day!"
Steve Swain

"My income grew $620 000 during this year, comparing this same time period : )" Katinka van der Merwe

"After looking at my stats I realized that my services are up 16.5%, my collections are up 11.4% and my case average up 10% and in the face of the ongoing pandemic.
Mary Grace Pennella

“My practice is now busier than it was pre-COVID, in fact I have achieved goals that I haven't seen in years, despite COVID!  I can only attribute this magic to the teachings and backbone of the Masters Circle Global". Sharon Garvey

"By the end of September, my income is already up 17% over last year. Still have last quarter to go. What pandemic?" Hannelie van der Merwe

"One practice is operating above our pre-COVID numbers and the other is close to 90% of its pre-COVID numbers."
Jennifer Adams and Brett Hessel

"During the difficult times of the COVID Pandemic that has caused so many people stress, I am pleased to say that our office is at least 100% patient volume from this time last year!" Kimberly Trainor 

Calculators have been used in almost all your major financial decisions either by you or by the major corporations, mortgage companies, bankers, and loan officers you've worked with.

Now you have a calculator to call your own!

The Masters Circle Global

What We Do
We are a highly specialized leadership training and practice building organization that helps you remove the friction in your life and your practice. We can show you how to target your weaker areas and develop new ways to address and overcome them. We help you determine your own personal assets and liabilities, so you can eliminate the friction to your success so you can outperform your personal best.

Why You Need Us
It doesn’t matter if you have great people skills, are a great communicator, a great educator or are highly motivated. Building an effective and profitable practice is all about removing friction and we’ve been helping practitioners do this for over 30 years.

Whether you have a hugely successful practice or you are barely staying afloat, give us 15 minutes of your time and we will show you how the friction in your own practice is stopping you from having the practice you deserve.

Just by completing The Practice Growth Calculator you have taken the first of what we hope will be many steps, both large and small, simple and challenging, toward the most rewarding journey of all, the road to personal and practice satisfaction.

Dr. Bob Hoffman and Dr. Dennis Perman

Practice Calculator


If you can answer four simple questions we can tell you exactly how many new patients you need each month and exactly how much extra revenue you will generate each year.

"I give thanks to Dr. Perman and Dr. Hoffman who have kept my head in the game, helping me to see similar numbers of patients and visits to previous years.” Jon Bergrin

"TMC has provided a means for me to grow personally and professionally. The growth is ongoing and very rewarding.” Larry Hambrick

 "Our practice is 100% Pre-COVID level and growing and I credit the Masters Circle with keeping me centered and focused on empowering practice members to take steps towards optimizing their health potential with chiropractic and healthy lifestyle choices." Michelle Kobbe

"We’re up across the board in the middle of a pandemic. Who does that?!" Thomas Salmon

The Practice Growth Calculator will
change how you look at practicing forever!